Electric Earth.

How It Works.

ELECTRIC EARTH is Energy Medicine. It tunes in and utilizes frequency - much like kindness, love, inspiration, or a favorite song - but as software and earth-rigged technology to support a lighter, happier, more peaceful vibration. 

The chief aim of this technology is to help heal the energy through stress relief. By scanning the frequencies and fields of the body, Quantum BIOFEEDBACK then seeks to restore balance and assist homeostasis by "speaking through the various language" of filters and panels of healing modalities such as homeopathy, electro-acupuncture, meridian and spinal assessment, the emotions and the unconscious, rife frequencies, color and chakra therapy, flower essences, nutrient imbalance, as well as crystal gemstones, for supporting most current or prominent mind/body imbalance. 

ELECTRIC EARTH BIOFEEDBACK assists the process of stress reduction by utilizing earth frequencies and applied technology into focused therapy for mind/body harmony. It is not to be used for medical treatment or diagnosis. Because it is a form of energy medicine combined with technology, distance healing is well afforded. 

VARIOUS OPTIONS EXIST - from a mini-check up (your recommended panel, most current unconscious trigger and suggested gemstone crystals) to a more thorough run-through (energy highway meridians, emotions, chakras, vitamins, flower essences; a flavorful metaphysical tune up).

For more details..

Everything is energy. The heart of all matter is a frequency. Science through technology has enabled humans the capacity to better comprehend the mind body spirit connection.

Through Quantum BIOFEEDBACK we can assist physiology toward peace and less stress. Through awareness we can become more mindful of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perhaps their unconscious roots or conditioned tendencies that impact our health, wellness, and sense of prosperity.