Join the I MAKE LOVE movement.

       The Evolution of Humanity depends upon it. 


Ever feel like the fate of humanity rests upon the value of your currency?

The I MAKE LOVE movement really had nothing to do with sex. In its inception, it was all a playful use of words, a frisky revolution of revelation, regarding currency and how humans have so much endless worth and wealth in terms of value and yet they/we are consistently confronted with advertising and capitalism that thrives on the idea of "sex sells" but our evolution depends upon our ability to make love.

"Sex sells" suggests you gotta buy something to feel something but "making love" knows you are something and that you have the ability to give something and to receive something - both of immense value. Can you feel the difference? One needs you to feel deficit, lack, or want, and the other insists you know honor, value, and the power of self.