Offerings + Ritual.

As we return to The Garden, to Mother Earth and The Healing Arts, to Beauty and Spirituality, to Health as Wealth (as vibrational frequency), to Wisdom as Love, Creativity as Currency, to Art as Revolution, Kindness as Prosperity, and the Generosity within Humanity. 


 is where the Gifts of Beauty, Creativity, Spirituality and Vitality bee/come One. 

Would you like to join?

Let's PLANT MAGIC by bee/ing all here

and wonderfully aware. 

I think some call it ..

Joie De Vivre!

The Empress is the art of Tarot Card No. 3 and speaks to us of the natural state of abundance, beauty, and creative fertility that is our birthright. To embody this awareness  + in the Garden + is to connect to our flesh with spiritual light.

Just as an earthly garden requires knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the seasons and cycles, of its relationship to the bigger container to which it belongs (Mother Nature), so too, do our lives flourish best when under both Heaven and Earth's watch. 

The Garden is where we meet. 

To + Plant Magic + is to Nurture our Nature, to Nourish to Flourish. It is to understand the Necessary Luxury of Feeling Good and The Art Spirit + of Attention + of tending to our (emotional, spiritual, mental, physical) Health as Wealth + as by support + as by supply. 


+ ELECTRIC EARTH + biofeedback for restoring peace and disarming stress through time and space, 

+ PLANT MAGIC + to connect to the knowledge of earthly wisdom and things that grow best and wild in communion, like herbs, flowers, and humans, and more + as well as + RITUAL via +

+ THE EMPRESS + to inspire the divine feminine in you and your creative capacities to explore, express from the heart, and enjoy the rich art of embodiment + And, 

+ THE GARDEN + which, of course, is also you! However, the best kind of transformational high vibrational "Beautiful Creator Elixir" has been assembled to fertilize your roots, flowers and fruit. 

Here, within all, we eat the sweet and fruitful Law of Attraction, by raising our vibration. 

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